Nick Bradley

Four Seasons in Japan

Four Seasons in Japan


A heartwarming and profound novel about the power of books and connection between generations, that is also a love letter to Japan and its literature.

‘Every book worm would love this.’ Glamour

‘An emotionally engaging story ... there's something here for everyone.’ The Times

Flo is sick of Tokyo.

Suffering from a crisis in confidence, she is stuck in a rut, her translation work has dried up and she's in a relationship that's run its course.

That's until she stumbles upon a mysterious book left by a fellow passenger on the Tokyo Subway.

From the very first page, Flo is transformed and immediately feels compelled to translate this forgotten novel, a decision which sets her on a path that will change her life.

As Flo follows the characters across a year in rural Japan, through the ups and downs of the pair's burgeoning relationship, she quickly realises that she needs to venture outside the pages of the book to track down its elusive author.

And, as the two protagonists reveal themselves to have more in common with her life than first meets the eye, the lines between text and translator converge, and it soon becomes clear that Flo’s journey is just beginning…


Praise for Four Seasons in Japan:

‘A gentle, tender and thoughtful book, exploring literature, love, human connection, Japanese culture and the disillusion of youth…crafted in such a way that you want to savour every chapter.’ Culturefly

‘Four Seasons in Japan doubles as a love letter to Japanese culture, its landscape, and literature, exploring the comfort found in books and the (mis)understanding between generations.’ Country & Town House

‘A poignant, quiet and affecting novel full of love as well as loss.’ Observer