Emma Reed Turrell

What am I Missing?

What am I Missing?

Discover the Four Blind Spots That are Holding You Back, and How to Overcome Them


After 15 years of treating clients as a psychotherapist, Emma Reed Turrell has observed one recurring factor that plagues her patients: blind spots. These are gaps in our awareness that, if we let them go unchallenged, can calcify over time, cloud our judgement and affect our relationships by creating misconceptions like: 'my needs aren't important' or 'I can't trust anyone but myself'.

Now, in this revolutionary and life-affirming book, Emma shows us how to break these cycles in our minds, re-write our own stories and take back control. She reveals the four blind spots profiles - The Hustler, Gladiator, Bridge or Rock - with case studies to show how these can show up in every day life, and shares practical tools that will help us all navigate our relationships with clarity.

The perfect book for anyone who has considered therapy, What am I Missing? will provide answers, reduce friction in relationships and help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.