Satu Hameenaho-Fox

Into the Taylor-Verse

Into the Taylor-Verse

Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Journey


A deep dive into Taylor Swift’s music, illustrated throughout with gorgeous bespoke colour line drawings.

Taylor Swift’s songs span many horizons, from the teenage bedroom of her debut album to the rainy small town of Fearless to the midnight graveyard of evermore.

Into the Taylor-Verse tells the story of Taylor’s life through her songwriting journey, illustrating how her genius for poignant lyrics and planting secret clues has developed her music into a whole universe for Swifties to explore. Including the musical influences and deeply personal experiences that helped make Taylor the mastermind and icon she is, this book celebrates the inimitable talent of one of the world’s greatest songwriter, performer and cat lover.

Through her signature themes of girlhood, heartbreak and female friendship, discover how Taylor mastered her craft and musical expression. Diving deep into her groundbreaking tours, fiercely loyal fans and fearless position as a businesswoman, this is the book for all Swifties, of every era.