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Robin and Wendy’s Wet Weekends: The Complete Series 1-4

Robin and Wendy’s Wet Weekends: The Complete Series 1-4

A BBC Radio Comedy


A BBC Radio comedy about two model-village obsessives and their friends and neighbours

'Wonderfully nerdish... a dash of Ayckbourn tinged with Mike Leigh, only loopier' Financial Times

Childless couple Robin and Wendy have developed an obsession with Mayfield - the model village they've built in their garage. However, running a model village is slightly more complicated than they expected, especially as they live next-door to Derek, a former superstar salesman who is struggling with the erratic side effects of mental health medication, and Maureen, who is always getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes...

In these four series, Robin and Wendy attend a Civil War re-enactment with their randy friends Sue and Glen, rediscover camping with Derek and his teenage sons, and go on a salsa weekend in Bognor. Plus, Wendy is promoted at work - on the same day Robin is suspended - and tragedy strikes when Robin gets run over by a forklift truck. Will the model village remain at the centre of Robin and Wendy's world? Or will life, and their friends, get in the way?

Also included is a special episode, 'Robin and Wendy's Wet Edinburgh Weekend', in which the couple travel to the Festival, Robin endeavours to score tickets to the Tattoo, and Wendy finds herself performing at the Fringe...

Written by Kay Stonham and Simon Greenall, this gently surreal series stars Simon Greenall and Brian Capron as Robin, Kay Stonham as Wendy, Phil Cornwell and Martin Trenaman as Derek and Debra Stephenson and Amelia Bullmore as Maureen. Among the guest stars are Jan Ravens, Sharon Horgan, David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Written by Kay Stonham and Simon Greenall
Produced by Mario Stylianides, Helen Williams and Claire Bartlett
Theme tune: 'Little Boxes' by Malvina Reynolds, sung by Kay Stonham

Robin - Simon Greenall/Brian Capron
Wendy - Kay Stonham
Maureen - Debra Stephenson/Amelia Bullmore
Derek - Phil Cornwell/Martin Trenaman
With Tony Gardner, Jo Enright, Ewan Bailey, Arianwen Flores, Zoe Allen, Jan Ravens, Michael Simkins, Sean McKenna, Robert Webb, Tony Rohr, Geoffrey McGivern, Chris Pavlo, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Tom Hildenbrand, Buster Stonham, Aneal Douglas, Ruth Madoc, Don Gilet, David Bamber, Eric Richard, Marianne Levy, Tom Smith, Paul Putner, Andy Taylor, Sharon Horgan, Ninia Benjamin, Julia Morris, Flip Webster, David Mitchell, Craig Kelly, Lucy Montgomery

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 28 December 2001-18 January 2002 (Series 1), 20 August 2002 (Robin and Wendy's Wet Edinburgh Weekend), 16 May-20 June 2003 (Series 2), 25 June-16 July 2004 (Series 3), 22 July-12 August 2005 (Series 4)

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