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At Home With The Hardys

At Home With The Hardys

A BBC Radio Comedy


All three series of the surreal sitcom set in the madcap world of four happy-go-lucky young folk

Jeremy Hardy and friends are an irrepressible gang of jolly japesters who are always up for laughter and merriment. Luckily, they all live near to each other: which means craziness is never far away. So good they named it twice, this zany sitcom was initially known as Unnatural Acts, before returning for its third series as At Home With the Hardys. But though the title may be different, the high jinks are as wacky as ever...

Series 1 of Unnatural Acts sees Jeremy investigating his lineage, and Kit deciding it's time to get in touch with a medium's answerphone. When the pals decide to commune with Mother Nature it's out with the picnic snacks and off to Sizefield nuclear power station - and when Caroline makes a special announcement at Kit and Jeremy's wedding anniversary, it's another success story for computer dating. There's just one tiny problem... In Series 2, a slew of April Fool pranks escalates into a terrorist threat; a safari park throws up some unexpected attractions, including an exploding ostrich and a gorilla with a walkie-talkie; and Paul starts spring-cleaning Ashdown Forest - where he makes a very interesting discovery...

There's a new moniker, a new story, a new job and a new arrival for the crazy crew in Series 3, At Home with the Hardys. Someone, somewhere is having an affair - and Paul's doing the catering. Adverts make the heart grow fonder as our four funsters bring you a cleaner, brighter programme with built-in lemon freshness. Meanwhile, a famous line from a famous film may not amount to a hill of beans, but it could be the end of a beautiful friendship - and as Jeremy and Paul get starry-eyed, Kit and Caroline come down to earth...

Written by and starring Jeremy Hardy, Kit Hollerbach and Paul B. Davies, this riotous radio romp also stars Caroline Leddy.

Production credits
Produced by David Tyler

Jeremy - Jeremy Hardy
Kit - Kit Hollerbach
Paul - Paul B. Davies
Caroline - Caroline Leddy
and introducing Patty-Jo
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:

Series 1 (Unnatural Acts)
Written by Jeremy Hardy, Kit Hollerbach and Paul B Davies. With Pete Sinclair, Steve Punt, Alison Renshaw, John Morrish and Dave Cohen

Series 2 (Unnatural Acts)
Written by Jeremy Hardy, Kit Hollerbach, Paul B Davies, Pete Sinclair and Caroline Leddy

Series 3 (At Home with the Hardys)
Written by Paul B. Davies, Jeremy Hardy, Kit Hollerbach and Pete Sinclair

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