Ruby Dhal

The Path to Self-Love

The Path to Self-Love

Heal Your Heart, Set Healthy Boundaries & Unlock Your Inner Strength


'A sanctuary of comfort and self-discovery' VEX KING

Self-love is doing the fun things, but also practising the hard ones. Self-love is going travelling, but self-love is also coming home. Self-love is about where each new day takes you - because sometimes you feel like hiding away from everyone, and sometimes you feel ready to take over the world.'

Whether you're hoping to overcome loss or heartbreak, set healthy boundaries or find resilience when things don't go as planned, Ruby Dhal's gentle and open-hearted voice will help you cultivate self-love to transform all aspects of your life.

Using a mixture of nurturing prose poetry, personal stories and hard-won insight, exercises and journaling, The Path to Self-Love will empower you to access your inner strength, trust in yourself and build the life you deserve.