Emmanuel Asuquo

The Ultimate Guide to Money

The Ultimate Guide to Money

your mission to turn pocket money into pots of money


Did you know you could turn £1 into £1,000,000? And there's more than one way to do it!

Stocks, shares, taxes, saving, investing, these things all sound confusing (and maybe even a little boring), but understanding more about money can help you to embrace your inner entrepreneur, make the world a better place, and even make some extra money for yourself while doing so.

You've been presented with £1 and now is your chance to grow that money and make yourself a millionaire. You'll meet people along the way who all have different approaches to money - you'll meet risk-takers, money-savers, people who are nifty with numbers and business pros. Some of the advice will be good. Some ... not so good.

But financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo will help you cut through the noise, give you the tools to make decisions that are right for you - and show how YOU could become a millionaire!