Jenna Levine

My Roommate is a Vampire

My Roommate is a Vampire

The hilarious new romcom you’ll want to sink your teeth straight into


Two strangers. One apartment.
Will it be love at first . . . bite?

Cassie Greenberg needs a new place to live, and fast. When she finds an affordable apartment in a beautiful neighbourhood, she knows there must be a catch.

Of course, her new roommate Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is far from normal. He sleeps all day, is out at night on business, and talks like he walked out of a regency romance novel.

He is also leaves Cassie heart-melting notes around the apartment, always asks about her day, and doesn't look half bad shirtless on the rare occasions they're both home and awake.

There's no denying there's a spark between them - but there's also a secret. . .

With true love at stake, will Frederick come clean?


'Bloody delightful!' Ashley Poston, New York Times bestselling author of The Dead Romantics
'Wonderfully weird and sexy as hell ' Alicia Thompson
'A kooky, sparkly piece of happiness' India Holton
'This one is good to the last drop' Publishers Weekly
'Whimsical, magical, and hilarious' Sarah Hawley
'Will leave you laughing so loud you could wake the undead' Elizabeth Davis
'Wildly entertaining, delightfully steamy, laugh-out-loud hilarious, wrenchingly romantic' Thea Guanzon
'A fresh, charming romp full of heart and some of the best kissing scenes I've ever read' Isabel Cañas

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