Rachel Yehuda

The Resilience Response

The Resilience Response

The New Science of Trauma and How We Heal Across Generations


The Resilience Response presents a revolutionary new way to understand trauma – what it is, why it exists and how to respond to it.

The world authority on intergenerational trauma draws on her three decades of pioneering research to unlock trauma's purpose and so transform our ability to heal. She shows that trauma is in fact a survival tool, designed to equip us and our children to cope with stressful events. Using moving case studies and powerful stories of healing, The Resilience Response offers a guide to this new science and shows us that flexibility is the key ingredient not only for our own health, but that of the generations to come. It shows what we can do after a traumatic event to reduce our chances of developing PTSD, and shares groundbreaking discoveries about treatments that can prevent epigenetic stress markers from being passed to the next generation.

Whether we have experienced trauma firsthand or as a result of our environment, we all have the power to nurture our resilience and pass it on, making a safer world for our children and future generations. The Resilience Response teaches us to see our biological responses as a gift and to see our experiences surviving adversity as a way to connect, help others heal, and create a more just world, offering anyone struggling with stress or adversity the opportunity to transform it into radical hope.