Jordan North

Help I S*xted My Boss

Help I S*xted My Boss

A hilarious guide to avoiding life's awkward moments


'Funny, filthy and fantastic. Cackled from start to finish' - Rylan Clark

How do you ask your mate for that £50 back?
When is OK to trump in front of your partner?
And what should you do if you've accidentally sexted your boss?

William and Jordan are from very different worlds.

William's an etiquette expert, with his tongue firmly in his teacup and unparalleled knowledge of table linen. Jordan's a TV and radio presenter, the patron saint of Burnley and an expert in all things common. Together they've entertained millions of listeners worldwide with their hit podcast Help I Sexted My Boss.

Now, they’ve pooled all of their wisdom on how to get through life’s most awkward moments.

From candlelight suppers to picky teas, first dates to flatmate dramas, Help I Sexted My Boss is full of both useful and useless advice. This is your indispensable guide to navigating the trepidation and challenges of modern life.

'Hilarious lads.. and weirdly useful. This generation’s Ant and Dec. If one of them was really posh. Great read' - Vicky Pattison

Sunday Times Bestseller, November 2023