Ariana Godoy

Through My Window

Through My Window

The million-copy bestselling Netflix sensation!


Read the spicy romance that became a TikTok and Netflix sensation

Raquel Álvarez has one goal - to become a psychologist. Well, that and to get Ares Hildago to notice her.

For as long as Raquel can remember, she has been obsessed with Ares - her rich, hot, mysterious neighbour. Even though he lives next door, Raquel has never spoken to him - until a chance encounter reveals her crush is anything but unrequited, and their steamy attraction grows into something much more.

Raquel is all in with Ares. But Ares can't, or won't, commit, as his struggle with personal and family responsibilities leaves little room for falling in love.

What burns bright burns fast, but for Ares and Raquel, can it last?