Julia F. Christensen

The Pathway to Flow

The Pathway to Flow

The New Science of Harnessing Creativity to Heal and Unwind the Body & Mind


What if you could enter a calm and focused state where you feel entirely absorbed and productive, without any effort at all?

If you've ever experienced the blissful feeling of being fully immersed in a project, of ideas and solutions coming to you naturally, or of getting lost in thought when cooking, playing music, or dancing, then you've accessed the flow state. Often we stumble into it, but what if you could access and unlock its healing and energising powers whenever needed?

While this may sound too good to be true to anyone who has suffered from writer’s block, neuroscientist and former ballerina Dr. Julia F. Christensen will prove to you how creativity is, in fact, always within our reach.
Backed by cutting-edge science, research and case studies from artists and everyday people, Pathway to Flow charts the path to unlocking creativity at will and using it to improve our wellbeing regardless of artistic ability. Using ancient solutions to solve modern problems, this book will reveal how we are all artists, and teach you how to harness the flow state with seven simple steps to help improve your mind-body connection, unleash your creativity, and strengthen your ability to be calm, focused and inspired throughout your everyday life.