Marine Tanguy

The Visual Detox

The Visual Detox

How to Consume Media Without Letting it Consume You


In an age of artificial intelligence and misinformation, how can we engage with social media, advertising, the news and other popular media in a way that serves us? What’s the alternative to doomscrolling?

From the objects we see in our physical surroundings to the 1.8 billion new images uploaded online every day, visual images are constantly seeking to entertain, inform, and manipulate our attention for profit. Such unending streams of information can overstimulate our brains, causing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

In The Visual Detox, art expert and businesswoman Marine Tanguy draws on new research, decades of professional experience and interviews with artists to show us how to
  • Sharpen our visual critical thinking skills
  • Decode the hidden messages in all areas of our lives
  • Combat the sensory overload we experience online
  • Regain control over our digital hygiene, media consumption and decorating choices
Packed with tiny yet potent hacks, this practical and transformative guide will help you reclaim your focus and sense of wonder, one day at a time.