Gemma Styles

Why Am I Like This?

Why Am I Like This?

(My Brain Isn’t Broken and Neither Is Yours)


Why do I feel so overwhelmed? Is everyone else achieving more than me? Why did I say that embarrassing thing? What can I do to actually make a difference? Am I the only one who feels this way?

In the face of an uncertain future, technological co-dependence and increasing social disconnection, we are battling unprecedented levels of stress, loneliness, burnout and insecurity.

Gemma Styles captures the voice of her generation, giving words to those feelings Gen Z has been trying to explain for years. Featuring the insight of experts and the latest research, Gemma shows that by being curious and compassionate, we can start to feel more hopeful, connected and at peace with ourselves. From how we communicate, to our ambitions and self-image, Gemma paints a picture of mental health in the digital age, including her own journey and ADHD diagnosis to highlight the ways in which women’s mental health in particular is often overlooked or trivialized.

Thought-provoking and heartening, this book is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, less than or that they don't belong. Why Am I Like This? is a warm hug, insightful analysis and spirited call to action all in one.