Gen Glaister

The Prison Officer

The Prison Officer


'Honest and unflinching, an important contribution to our understanding of how prisons work.'
Rory Stewart, bestselling author of Politics On the Edge and former
Minister of State for Prisons, Parole and Probation

'A shocking and gripping read.' James Timpson, OBE

The Prison Officer challenges everything you thought you knew about people in prison.

Becoming a prison officer was Gen's burning ambition despite, or perhaps because of, her background.

At twenty-three, full of hopes and dreams of helping those that needed it most within the prison system, she discovered the reality of life behind bars that no training could possibly have prepared her for.

In this searing account of her years as a prison officer, Gen shares how she learned to use her heart, her humour and sheer bloody-mindedness to make a difference to the men who lived by a different set of rules, finding her place amongst gangsters, killers and traffickers.