Gabrielle Blair

Ejaculate Responsibly

Ejaculate Responsibly

The Conversation We Need to Have About Men and Contraception


Ejaculate Responsibly cleverly transcends the polarised anti-abortion and pro-choice 'debate' with something entirely different. Rather than endlessly exploring how and why we control women's bodies, this book turns the tables on men, arguing that they are the source of all unwanted pregnancies.

Expanding on Gabrielle Blair's viral twitter thread from 2018, this book develops 28 refreshing and productive arguments for why men need to be accountable for their reproductive choices. An unwanted pregnancy doesn't happen because people have sex. An unwanted pregnancy only happens if a man ejaculates irresponsibly - it's not asking for a lot for men to avoid this. We've put the burden of pregnancy prevention on the person who is fertile for 24 hours a month, instead of the person who is fertile for 24 hours a day, every day of their life. It's time to shift the focus and responsibility onto men.