Vicki Notaro

Reality Check

Reality Check


Portia Daniels' life is sorted. She has the perfect man (hot TV producer Jason), perfect apartment (in lower Manhattan), perfect job (writing for TV) and best of all, she lives a normal life in total obscurity - unlike her mother and sisters.

When Jason drops a bombshell that leaves her life in tatters, Portia flees to be with her family. Her timing could not be worse as scandal engulfs her supermodel-turned-guru sister Vinnie's Insta empire, and teen TikTok sensation Ariel's bratty behaviour gets out of hand.

As for their mother, Dessie, Kerry-born queen bee of hit reality show, Ladies of Los Angeles, she is clearly hiding something. It seems the glamour and gossip on which Dessie has built an empire might be its downfall . . .

But has Portia has been fooling herself about living a 'real' life? And is she about to get a big a wake-up call of her own?