Ellie Middleton



The Ultimate Guide to ADHD, Autism and Neurodivergence


In 2021 Ellie was diagnosed with autism and ADHD and although it felt like the light had finally been switched on and she wasn't just 'broken', the room before her was messy from a lifetime of being misunderstood. She quickly found that she wasn't the only one, in fact 80% of autistic females remain undiagnosed at age 18 and only 8% of adults affected by ADHD have a formal diagnosis. Even with a diagnosis, most are left asking, what now?

Ellie's mission is to change that. To challenge the common misconceptions about neurodivergent conditions that are preventing marginalised people get the diagnosis they need, and to provide simple, actionable resources so that they can live without the fear and shame that she did.

UNMASKED is Ellie's kind and supportive guide that sheds light on everything from masking to the diagnostic process and from sensory overload to navigating the workplace, so that every reader can better understand themselves and others, and ultimately, make society more inclusive.

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