Sam Caporn

The Wine Flavour Guide

The Wine Flavour Guide

How to Pick the Best Wine for Every Occasion


Do you love to have good wine, but feel unsure of how to tell a Pinot from a Merlot? Do you every find yourself wondering which option will suit your meal best? The Wine Flavour Guide will teach you how to pick the best bottle for every occasion.

Internationally recognised wine expert Sam Caporn is here to demystify wine once and for all.
- Discover how different wine-making processes create flavour
- Find out how where a grows wine shapes its taste
- Decode labels to identify how a wine will taste before you try it
- Learn how to taste wine like a pro
- Easily pair and food using intuitive advice
From Proseccos to Sauvignons, orange wines to rosés, there's an endlessly fascinating world of wines for you to explore, and The Wine Flavour Guide is your chic and simple map to understanding your palate and discovering delightful new favourites. Whether you're new to wine or a devoted connoisseur, this book will help you elevate your wine knowledge and think about flavour in a brand new way with helpful infographics and tips for picking an excellent bottle for every occasion at any price point.