Cleo Wade

Remember Love

Remember Love

Words for Tender Times


The beloved, bestselling author of Heart Talk, hailed as "the poet of her generation" (Time), charts a path away from exhaustion and endless crises and toward a place of renewal and radiant love with a new, soulful collection of original poetry and prose.

Cleo Wade is that friend you dream of having - the one you could phone in your darkest hours, confident she'd say the perfect thing, because no matter what you're going through, she's going to meet you with warmth and understanding. She's never shied away from her own setbacks and heartbreaks; she's embraced them and distilled them into pearls of essential truth and sincere advice which can help get you through, can make you see that tomorrow still lies straight ahead. If only you had such a friend...

And now you do.

Remember Love, offers the consoling, inspiring voice that so many are craving amid the chaos of modern life. In clear, deep, generous poetry and prose, Cleo urges those feeling confused, lost, or overwhelmed by change to return to what's essential: love. Time and again, she reminds us that love, particularly self-love, is what saves us, even on our worst days - especially on our worst days.

A soothing ode to what binds us, Remember Love journeys through the weird, mystical, palpably human and encouraging aspects of life. It urges you to put one foot in front of the other and face whatever comes your way - gently and vulnerably. It stands in a deep truth: by embracing our individual journeys and uniqueness, we can rediscover that not only is liking and loving ourselves our greatest responsibility, it is the greatest gift.