Swan Huntley

The Bad Day Book

The Bad Day Book

For When Life is a B*tch


Know someone having a bad day? With the gift of this book, they won't be anymore! The perfect stocking filler!

This is the book for the mother of bad days. Those days when the world is against you and all good advice, meditation and matcha smoothies can go to hell. Forget toxic positivity, this book is here to help you sink into the depths of your bad mood and let it all out with suggestions like:

- Punch this page
- Cry onto this dot
- Why not tear out this page and scrunch it up into a little ball?
- Screw it, throw the whole bloody book across the room

These cathartic pages are perfect for people who can't stand positive affirmations or cheesy self-care advice. Whether you're in a moment of crisis or know someone who could really do with letting it all out, THE BAD DAY BOOK is here to offer therapy like you've never experienced it before.