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Foraging: The Complete Guide for Kids and Families!

Foraging: The Complete Guide for Kids and Families!

The fun and easy guide to the great outdoors


From the writers behind the extraordinary Knowledge to Forage comes an incredible guide to the great outdoors . . .

Welcome to the world of foraging.

Have you ever been on a long (and probably boring) walk through woods or fields, or even the streets around where you live?

If you have, then all around you are undiscovered secrets. A whole world of nature and plants and flowers just waiting to be found.

In this amazing book, we'll tell you all about how you can become an expert in foraging - which is a way to find incredible food, medicines and even soaps in the natural world around you.

After reading this book, you'll be able to:

- Find the best berries and plants for making yummy foods

- Learn about the incredible stories hidden in the flowers and plants and trees you see every day (and some you might never have spotted).

- Impress your friends with your incredible knowledge of the natural world - and help them protect it!

With handy tips and colourful illustrations, Family Foraging is a comprehensive guide to nature and foraging, which will allow children to explore the great outdoors with friends and families.

*Includes a full and comprehensive safety guide*