Douglas Hill

Blade of the Poisoner

Blade of the Poisoner

A BBC Radio Full-Cast Fantasy Adventure plus bonus story Penelope’s Pendant


Embark on a perilous quest into a magical realm where a young boy must do battle with monsters and demons in order to survive.

Immerse yourself in an epic fantasy adventure, based on the book by the hugely popular science fiction writer Douglas Hill, and brought to life in this full-cast performance.

When his village is destroyed by the evil Prince Mephtik, young Jarral Gullen must search for answers. With the help of his three friends Archer, Scythe and the Lady Mandragorina - a band of magically talented adventurers - Jarral must make a terrifying journey into the unknown. Only then will he be able to answer the questions that haunt him. Will he be able to discover what strange talents he possesses? And why does the spectre known as the Poisoner want to hunt him down? Marked with the tainted sword of Prince Mephtik, Jarral is doomed to die a terrible death unless both the blade and the prince are destroyed by the next full moon. The band of friends must complete their treacherous quest to Mephtik's demon-guarded fortress - but can Jarral connect with his power in time, and will he live long enough to use it?

This exclusive edition includes a bonus fantastical story of magic and mayhem - Penelope's Pendant. When eleven-year-old Penny finds a pendant on the beach she discovers that it gives her the power to move herself and other objects through space. But when the pendant's maker comes to claim it, Penny doesn't want to let it go.

Starring Bridgerton's Adjoa Andoh alongside James Holland, Eric Allen, Elizabeth Bell, Ben Onwukuwe, Susan Sheridan and Hugh Dixon, these adventures will delight fans of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea novels and J.R.R. Tolkien's Tales from the Perilous Realm.

Blade of the Poisoner
Written by Douglas Hill
Dramatised by Wally K Daly
Produced by Peter Fozzard
Music by Peter Howells
Special Effects by Dick Mills

Jarral the Man - Eric Allen
Jarral the boy - James Holland
Archer - Elizabeth Bell
Carver - Ben Onwukwe
Dorrina - Adjoa Andoh
Mandra - Susan Sheridan
Prince Mephtik - Hugh Dixon
Yorrold - David Bannerman
Soldiers - Nigel Carrington, Charles Millom and Neil Roberts
Cryltor Tabatang - James Thomason
Flammarock - Bret Usher
Whiney - Richard Pierce
Innkeeper - Anne Windsor
Other parts played by Auriol Smith and Charles Millom
First Broadcast BBC Radio 5, July 1991

Penelope's Pendant
Written by Douglas Hill
Adapted by Paul Copley

Penelope - Keeley Forsyth
Trish - Vicky Fox
Alan - Jason Lowe
Ralph - Jonathan Tristram
Tony - Matthew Raybould
Errol - Richard Redpath
Gummy - James Buckley
Mother - Joanna Myers
Narrator - Paul Copley
Glumdole - Barry Kaylor
First Broadcast BBC Radio 5, 2 April 1991

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