Naina Kumar

Say You’ll Be My Jaan

Say You’ll Be My Jaan


Meghna has tried everything when it comes to dating: blind dates, apps, attempting to drum up conversations with strangers at bars (ew). Everything except arranged marriage.

But then Seth, her best friend and the-one-who-got-away asks her to be his "best man" and suddenly her parent's taste doesn't seem so bad... Which is how she meets the grumpy but handsome Karthik, who has seen enough of his parents' relationship to know marriage is not for him.

Turns out, Meghna and Karhtik are a match made in heaven (if not the match their parents think they are making) - and a deal is struck. They will be fake-engaged for three months. That way Karthik will get out of the absurd number of arranged set-ups his mother has planned and Meghna will have a date to the wedding from her worst nightmares.

But what will happen when the wedding is over? And might they find that what they thought the other was faking could be real after all?