Eduardo Briceno

The Performance Paradox

The Performance Paradox

How to Learn and Grow Without Compromising Results


We all know we should be learning and growing. But how do you make time while under pressure to perform?

Too many of us suffer from 'chronic performance': we feel constant pressure to look like we know what we're doing, to always be on, to rack up success after success and have all the answers, all because we assume that greater effort leads to greater success. But this temptation to portray ourselves as infallible is affecting both our work and personal lives and is blocking our ability for true growth.

Through his work with over a hundred companies, co-founder of Mindset Works Eduardo Briceño has solved this by coming up with a game-changing framework that breaks our habit of chronic performance. He's discovered that long-term success as an individual or business - personal, financial and, organisational - relies on integrating and being proficient at learning and performing.

In The Performance Paradox, you will learn how to:

- Unlock the power of mistakes
- Integrate learning into daily habits
- Move seamlessly between learning and performing
- Solicit the most useful feedback
- Lead teams that constantly improve and outperform their targets

Ground-breaking and empowering, The Performance Paradox will break your chronic performance habit and revolutionise the way you approach growth mindset to get you on your way to thriving in both work and life.