Claire Powell

The Swifts: A Gallery of Rogues

The Swifts: A Gallery of Rogues


Shenanigan Swift hates burglars . . .

So when the famous criminal gang Ouvolpo target Swift House and swap a valuable painting for an exploding inflatable bird, Shenanigan sets off in pursuit, determined to make them pay.

The trail leads to Paris, home of her eccentric French cousins, the Martinets. The two sides of the Family have been squabbling for centuries, but when a body is discovered at the scene of Ouvolpo's latest robbery, the quarrelsome cousins must join forces to solve the mystery.

Did Ouvolpo kill hotel caretaker Bernard? Why is Uncle Maelstrom wearing an earring again? And what does it all have to do with a disappearing clown?

Can Shenanigan uncover the answers and set right a century-old injustice? Or will she be left adrift as her Family pulls itself apart?

The Swifts won the Nero Book Award and the Barnes & Noble Children's Book Award, and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

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