Jess Ryder

The Villa

The Villa


'Shades of Big Little Lies and The Hunting Party' KIA ABDULLAH
'Kept me up late into the early hours' ALI LOWE

Three years ago, bride-to-be Aoife died at her own hen party.

Now the hens have returned to the villa where that terrible weekend unfolded.

They long for closure. But the moment they step back inside, old wounds open and tensions begin to rise.

Everyone has a different version of what happened that night.

Who is keeping secrets?

And how far will they go to keep them hidden?


Readers are loving The Villa . . .

***** 'An excellent, fast-paced psychological thriller'
***** 'A fantastic and original read'
***** 'Amazing writing'
***** 'Not the ending I was expecting, but it was the ending I didn't know I wanted'
***** 'The characters were great, the story itself was very enjoyable and suspenseful, the setting was fantastic'