Richard Pink



10 ADHD lies and how to stop believing them


Are you your biggest fear-leader, constantly lamenting your wasted potential? You're not alone. Join the Sunday Times bestselling authors of DIRTY LAUNDRY to break free from negative self-talk, overcome self-hatred and live your most authentic and happy life.

The biggest struggle for those with ADHD is the negative self-talk they've internalised over a life time of trying to fit into a neurotypical world. In Small Talk, Rich and Rox examine the 10 biggest ‘neurospicy lies’. Drawing on the lived experience of living with ADHD and supporting a loved one with ADHD plus reflections from the @ADHD_Love community, Small Talk will help you big up yourself. Turn guilt and frustration into compassion; approach goals in ways that work for neurodiverse brains; better understand and empower neurodiverse people; and adopt ‘Spicy House Rules’ to create an environment of mutual support.

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