Rhee Kun Hoo

If You Live To 100, You Might As Well Be Happy

If You Live To 100, You Might As Well Be Happy

Lessons for a Long and Joyful Life: The Korean Bestseller


As an old Korean saying goes...

‘You learn to use gums in place of teeth.’

Rhee Kun Hoo was in his seventies and retired from a prestigious career in psychiatry when he took up writing. In his youth Professor Rhee lived an extraordinary life, filled with action and purpose. He served time in prison for opposing his country’s totalitarian government. He led the efforts to fix South Korea’s fledgling mental health system. He built a family and raised four kids.

Now in his twilight years, having, much to his surprise, become a bestselling, beloved writer in South Korea, Rhee turns his pen to the often-overlooked value of ageing. Here he shares his wisdom and philosophy for finding a life well-lived, exploring forgiveness, how to persevere (but also know when to quit), facing your insecurities and opening yourself to the simple joys available to you every day.

This comforting Korean bestseller offers guidance for attaining ordinary happiness at any age and shows us that life is a story worth reading until the very last page.