Stephen Mitchell

Too Tired to Fight

Too Tired to Fight

13 Essential Conflicts Parents Must Have to Keep Their Relationship Strong


Some fights can make you stronger; here's how...

Every couple wants to feel alive and deeply connected to one another. In fact, those with children often feel the added desire to have and become it all: the perfect parents, partners, and fulfilled individuals. And yet, most of us are too exhausted and consumed by endless demands to still feel close as a couple. Too often, we plod along, swallowing resentment until it explodes. This book shows you that it doesn't have to be this way.

In Too Tired to Fight, relationship therapists and parenting couple Erin and Dr Stephen Mitchell walk you through the 13 fights that are necessary to maintain a strong relationship. By examining real-life scenarios that lead to arguments - from discipline, work, social pressures and sharing labour to intimacy after kids - they offer simple scripts for transforming conflict into connection. With the right mindset shift, anyone can turn the messy and tense moments of disconnection into experiences of repair and healing.