Douglas Coupland

Microserfs & Girlfriend in a Coma

Microserfs & Girlfriend in a Coma

Two Full-Cast BBC Radio Dramatisations


Coupland's iconic novels brought to life in two full-cast adaptations

Bursting onto the literary scene in 1991 with his debut Generation X, Douglas Coupland's novels swiftly established themselves as modern classics and brought the term 'Gen X' into the mainstream. His work still has resonance in today's world, with his vivid explorations of identity and creativity in the post-Baby Boomer generations. These pitch perfect adaptions probe our modern popular culture, with the author's signature wry twists and unsettling revelations.

In this brand new adaptation by Theo Toksvig-Stewart, Douglas Coupland's brilliantly funny novel Microserfs takes a microscope to working culture in the early days of the tech boom. Dan is a Microsoft employee in desperate need of 'a life'. His world can be summed up as eat, sleep, code, repeat, and he's not quite feeling himself. So when the chance comes along for him and his friends to leave Microsoft to form a Silicon Valley start-up called OOP!, will they take the risk and leap into the unknown? In an unflinching and hilarious story, Dan and the other Microserfs try to find purpose, love and identity in the real world.

Perhaps one of Coupland's most iconic novels, Girlfriend in a Coma begins in December 1979 when 17-year-old Karen unexpectedly falls into a deep coma after a teen house party. Frighteningly, she'd predicted the end of the world in a letter sent to her boyfriend before she collapsed. Fifteen years later, Karen wakes up. The world in 1997 is a very different and confusing place. Her friends have grown up and their reality bears little resemblance to the hopes and dreams they shared in their youth. There are questions that need to be answered, time is running out and Karen must act.

Available as a double bill for the first time, these stunning adaptations are a fantastic listen. Performed by a full cast with production by Sony award-winning producer Dan Rebellato, these stories make for a stellar audio experience not to be missed.

Cast and credits

Written by Douglas Coupland
Dramatised by Theo Toksvig-Stewart
Directed by Anne Isger
Production Co-ordination by Luke MacGregor
Sound by Cal Knightley, Pete Ringrose, David Gregory, Billy Godfrey

Dan - Will Merrick
Karla - Samantha Dakin
Bug - Matthew Needham
Michael - Freddie Meredith
Todd - Chris Lew Kum Hoi
Susan - Chloë Sommer
Abe - Hughie O'Donnell
Ethan - Tom Kiteley
Dan's Mum - Joanna Monro
Dan's Dad - Roger Ringrose
Dusty - Fiona Skinner
Amy - Grace Saif

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 27 November 2022

Girlfriend in a Coma
Written by Douglas Coupland
Dramatised by Dan Rebellato
Produced by Polly Thomas
Music by Alice Trueman
Sound Design by Steve Brooke

Jared - Florian Hutter
Karen - Rayisa Kondracki
Wendy - Maggie Blake
Richard - Jason Durran
Hamilton - Simon Lee Phillips
Pamela - Heather Dann
Doctor - Peter Marinker
Megan - Julia Summer
Gloria - Buffy Davis

First Broadcast BBC Radio 3, 24 February 2008

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