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Emily Norris

Things I Wish I’d Known

Things I Wish I’d Known

My hacks for a tidy home, happy kids and a calmer you


I became obsessed with mum hacks when a friend showed me a game-changing tip during my baby days - that baby vests can be pulled down (not up) in the event of an explosive poo. I couldn't believe I had been a mum for so long and not known! Things I Wish I'd Known will bring you hundreds of quick and clever solutions, just like this, all to make the parenting juggle easier.

You'll find my favourite hacks and habits, as well as dozens of new ones, all designed to give your day-to-day a lift. From cleaning hacks that leave your home sparkling in no time, laundry tricks that save you money, and simple tweaks to night-time routines which transform everyone's sleep, I'll show you how to hack every aspect of home-life so you feel less stress and more joy!

Emily x