Glenn Moor

Glenn Moore’s Almanac

Glenn Moore’s Almanac

A BBC Radio 4 Comedy


Comedian Glenn Moore takes a look back though his almanac at major world events

Perhaps best-known for his outrageously brilliant one-liners on Mock the Week, comedian Glenn Moore delivers a tale of comic mishaps in this BBC radio comedy series.

Looking back through his almanac at a big event in history, Glenn finds out what he was doing at the time and looks into other strange connections to the day in question. Sit back and listen as Glenn interweaves extraordinary scenes from his life with a big event in history.

In the first show, a Royal Wedding is the backdrop to a massive crisis in Glenn’s love life.

In episode two, the 2015 General Election inspires Glenn to stand in his school’s own mock election as the candidate with the most unlikely set of policies ever...

In the third programme, as one astronaut touches down from the International Space Station, Glenn decides to become Britain’s next space explorer.

And as the new Millennium dawns, in the series finale Glenn has the most catastrophic New Year’s Eve ever.

Production credits
Written and presented by Glenn Moore
Additional material: Katie Storey
Produced and directed by David Tyler
A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the following dates:

Episode 1 15 November 2023
Episode 2 22 November 2023
Episode 3 29 November 2023
Episode 4 06 December 2023

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