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Shaun Pinner

Live. Fight. Survive.

Live. Fight. Survive.

An ex-British soldier’s account of courage, resistance and defiance fighting for Ukraine against Russia


Give the inspiring tale of Former British Army soldier Shaun Pinner's extraordinary first-hand account of the war in Ukraine.


Shaun Pinner was a retired and decorated British soldier, living a peaceful and happy life in Mariupol with his Ukrainian family. As he recounts his six months spent imprisoned in Russian-occupied Ukraine, he goes from the bliss of family life to an unexpected and unimaginable fight for survival.

After the horrors of frontline fighting, Shaun had to survive his capture by the Russian soldiers, and his removal to a Black Site - an off-the-grid prison untethered to human rights conventions - where he was subjected to a campaign of torture by Putin's secret police.

It saw him shocked with electricity, stabbed, beaten, and almost starved to death, all while trying to maintain his morale with the other POWs.

Shaun tells a story that is both an unputdownable record of the fierceness of the fighting and a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit.