Rukmini Poddar

Draw Your Feelings

Draw Your Feelings

A Creative Journal to Help Connect with Your Emotions through Art


"With her warm encouragement and captivating illustrations, Rukmini gently guides us to notice and accept ALL of our emotions. Each exercise and creative prompt she supplies is an opportunity for you to pause and experience your emotions from a new perspective."
--Jay Shetty, bestselling author of Think Like a Monk

An interactive guide to help readers connect with and process their emotions creatively.

Our emotions add colour to our lives. Happiness can feel like bright sunshine. Anxiety can feel like a gray cloud. Even though it may be uncomfortable at first, it's clear that sitting with your emotions, feeling them fully, and exploring their depths can teach you more about yourself and help you better anticipate and process big feelings when they come.

In this mind-opening and beautifully illustrated guide, popular artist Rukmini Poddar guides you through the steps to creative self-reflection, giving your emotions a physical representation through lines, shapes, colours, and more.

With exercises for beginners and experts alike, readers will learn basic drawing skills and take them all the way to mapping their emotional landscape.

Draw Your Feelings will stretch creative muscles you didn't know you had and transform the way you interact with yourself and the world.