No Context Brits

How to Really be a Brit

How to Really be a Brit

The Unofficial Citizenship Test


Do you know what year the Harrier jump jet was developed?
What about the name of the first king of Scotland?
Surely you must know the contents of the 1689 Bill of Rights?!

Don't know the answers? Sorry, according to the Home Office, you're clearly not cut out to be a British Citizen. These inane questions have been posed by the Life in the UK Test, more commonly known as the British citizenship test. If only there was an alternative test that wasn't stuck revelling in past glories . . . one that was fun, irreverent and unafraid to offer a glimpse of real life in the UK.

How to Really be a Brit is the unofficial citizenship test from the beloved No Context Brits Twitter account. You'll find 500 questions taking in every aspect of UK life - from Wrexham to Windrush, Bake Off to Brexit, Scotch eggs to the Spice Girls and more.

This is the perfect gift for the least traditional person in your life or an affectionate nod to the most.