Mark Nelson

The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected

The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected

Highlights from the BBC Radio Comedy Panel Show


Mark Nelson and celebrity guests separate the good from the bad, with a few unexpected twists

Hosted by Mark Nelson, this lively show sees a panel of celebrities competing to share the best, worst and most hilarious anecdotes from their daily lives. Each guest is vying for the audience's vote as they try to convince Mark that their 'good' story is the most joyful, serendipitous or worthy, and their 'bad' story is the most unfortunate, outrageous or unforgivable. To keep them on their toes, they're also faced with some spontaneous surprise questions, and must rely on their quick wits to come up with snappy answers.

Collected here are 41 of the finest episodes, featuring a fantastic mix of talent from across Scotland and beyond. The stellar line-up includes Rory Bremner, Kirsty Wark, Gyles Brandreth, Tony Hadley, Kerry Katona, Toyah Willcox, Phil Hammond, Mr Motivator and Carol Smillie.

Lorraine Kelly unveils her inner geek, Shaparak Khorsandi recalls her family's favourite and most disgusting story, Janey Godley shares her tale of landing at the feet of George Clooney and Les Dennis reveals the best and the worst things about his celebrity lifestyle. Plus, Pippa Evans learns the hard way that whisky is a sipping drink, Fred MacAulay feels like he's fed the five thousand after becoming father of the bride and Zoe Lyons goes a long, long way for spicy noodles that she ultimately regrets.

Laugh along with them all as they share their moments of joy, tales of peril, personal failings and funniest confessions in this joke-packed panel show. Though the rules tend to break down, the good things often outweigh the bad - and there's always something unexpected waiting around the corner...

NB: Contains some adult themes

Production credits
Based on an original idea by Jo Caulfield and Kevin Anderson
Written by Jo Caulfield and Kevin Anderson, with additional material by Ross Craig, Dan Evans, Keiron Nicholson, Jane Walker, John Hamilton and Gareth Waugh
Presented by Mark Nelson
Produced by Richard Melvin
A Dabster Production for BBC Radio Scotland

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11 January 2019
1 February 2019
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