Gareth Jones

Lord of Misrule

Lord of Misrule

A Full-Cast BBC Radio Dramatisation


Full-cast dramatisation of the hot-blooded historical romance set in 18th century Wales

‘Jones has a talent for writing natural witty dialogue…’ Best Sellers

Sworn allegiances, cruel punishments, broken hearts, shattered dreams and ancient magic make for an utterly spellbinding listen in this full-cast adaptation of Gareth Jones’s masterful novel.

1745. 18th century Wales is a land that time forgot. The burden of squalid poverty and the power of medieval superstition is writ large on the landscape as the adventurer, womaniser and dreamer Gruffydd comes to reclaim his birthright after the Jacobite Rebellion drives out George II. Hoping to deliver his people from the brutal control of a dissolute overlord, the local Squire Sir John Ffowlke, Gruffydd settles in the village of Cwmystwyth. Unrecognised, he becomes the local conjurer on whose magical powers the desperate villagers soon come to depend. Boldly, he fights for a vision of the future where they are free from the feudal chains that bind them.

But Gruffydd is surrounded by enemies. Charisma may not be enough to keep him alive and if his people see through him, he may be faced with a bloody reckoning. The conflicting forces within the village of Cwmystwyth must be overcome if Gruffydd is to be able to unite the downtrodden community and guide its inhabitants towards freedom and a new life. Can any good come of a lie, however inspired?

This powerful dramatisation of the novel by Gareth Jones is brought to life by Philip Madoc and Peter Halliday. Immerse yourself in the mystery, superstition, power and lust of a world long gone.

Cast and credits

Written by Gareth Jones

Directed by Adrian Mourby

Produced by BBC Wales

Gruffydd - Philip Madoc

Iolo - Loan Meredith

Sir John Ffowlke - Peter Halliday

Madlen - Meg Wynn Owen

Mari - Beth Morris

Rhiannon Bevan - Lisabeth Miles

Hywel Bevan - Robert Blythe

Mihangel - Gareth Snook

Rachel - Donna Edwards

Hannah - Adrian T Furse

Talbot - Graham Blockey

Col Johnes - James Benson

Gwilym Brewer/Horseman - Dorien Thomas

Old Thomas/Barnabas - Dillwyn Owen

Thomas Jenkins - Gareth Armstrong

Jailer/Tollgate Keeper - David Charles

Thomas Powell - Gerald James

Morgan Brewer - Maurice Elliott

Landlords daughter/Lissi Gillian - Gillian Elisa Thomas

Amaranth - Helen Roberts

Ringmaster - Dorian Thomas

Buddug - Di Botcher

Sian - Rhian Morgan

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 12 Feb – 6 Apr 1986

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