Karen Guggenheim

Cultivating Happiness

Cultivating Happiness

Overcome trauma and positively transform your life


Is it possible to overcome pain by learning to be happy?

This is the question Karen Guggenheim asked herself after the sudden death of her husband in 2013. Overwhelmed by this unexpected loss, Karen decided to use her grief as a motivator to look inwards and embark on a transformative journey of post-traumatic growth, which led her to become the co-founder of the World Happiness Summit, the leading happiness conference in the world.

Drawing from her personal experiences and research in psychology and neuroscience, Karen reveals that happiness can be taught and learned, and that, through small daily changes, we can all bring more compassion and positivity into our days to feel better about ourselves and others.

Cultivating Happiness is a practical and accessible guide to dealing with adversity, showing us that it is possible to grow from our challenges and lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives.