Javier Castillo

The Snow Girl

The Snow Girl

The nail-biting thriller behind the Netflix Original Series!


Where is Kiera Templeton?
Aaron and Grace Templeton will never forget the 1998 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The day their daughter Kiera got lost in the crowd.
Investigative journalist Miren Triggs has spent years trying to help the Templetons find her. But with no leads, Miren fears there's nothing more she can do.
Until Kiera's 8th birthday, when a video arrives showing Kiera alive and well, playing in a bedroom.
Miren can't believe it - finally, a lead she can follow. Until another video arrives.
It's the same bedroom. But Kiera is gone.
After years of searching, Miren refuses to let Kiera disappear again. But she has no idea how far someone will go to stop her...

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