Simon Pollock

I Love Suburbia

I Love Suburbia

The Joys of Life on London’s Outskirts


How many of us have marvelled at the unexpected beauty of an art deco cinema, had our heads turned by the magnificent Hoover Factory on the A40, or wondered at a mosaic-covered house in Chiswick?

From stations that wouldn't be out of place in Miami Beach to cinemas converted to megachurches, I Love Suburbia brings to life the joys of living outside Zone 1. Step back in time and revisit simpler days in the suburbs to discover the pioneering interwar architects who brought modernism to Britain, or delight in the elegance of Art Deco buildings given a new lease of life. Filled with stories of the people who live, work and play in the outskirts of London, this full-colour book is an exploration of the capital’s overlooked everyday treasures. Brought together by Simon Pollock, the creator of Instagram’s heartwarming @LondonSuburbia, with over 200 original photos of unusual charm from Chingford to Leatherhead, Beaconsfield to Becontree, this is the suburbs as you've never seen them before.