Dayna Abraham

Calm the Chaos

Calm the Chaos

A Fail-Proof Road Map for Parenting Even the Most Challenging Kids


Calm the Chaos is a clearly organised, methodical approach to parenting. Currently, 1 in 6 children have a diagnosed behaviour problem, ADHD, anxiety or depression. Whether dealing with explosive toddler tantrums, secondary schoolers on the verge of expulsion or neurodivergent children who cannot find their place, this book is a roadmap complete with in-the-trenches stories, scripts, prompts and worksheets for overcoming even the most challenging behavioural situations.

There are 5 steps to calming the chaos:
• Getting to Safety
• Restoring Trust and Energy
• Finding Calm in the Moment
• Getting Ahead of the Catalyst
• Redefining Family Success

Backed by the latest science and understanding of neurodiversity, Calm the Chaos makes it simple for parents of even the most challenging kids to find their way through the most difficult situations.