Dr Jackson Katz



Why Violence Against Women is a Men’s Issue, and How You Can Make a Difference


Until now, violence against women has been seen as a women's issue that some good men help out with but Jackson Katz argues that, in fact, it is a men's issue and every man has a role to play in preventing it. Jackson, the world-leading expert, unpicks the causes of gender violence and shows how we can dismantle them, revealing a path to a brighter future. There are sections on:

- The triad of male violence that affects us all: women, other men and themselves, through suicide
- The importance of inviting rather than inciting men to act out of responsibility rather than guilt
- Men's responsibility as leaders and role-models for young men
- The Bystander Approach: how we can all speak up against misogyny safely and effectively.

In a world where the headlines are continually filled with stories of sexual violence and misogynistic hate WHY NOT ALL MEN? is an urgent and vital read for anyone who wants to make the world a safer place.