Jenny T Colgan

Doctor Who: The Invaders Collection

Doctor Who: The Invaders Collection

1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th Doctor Novelisations


Four classic TV novelisations in which the Doctor and friends are witnesses to alien invasion.

In Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet, by Gerry Davis, the First Doctor, Ben and Polly help the crew of an Antarctic tracking station as they resist invasion by the Cybermen, intent on enslaving humanity for their own needs.

In The Dominators, by Ian Marter, the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find the peaceful planet Dulkis threatened with subjugation by brutal aliens and their robotic Quarks.

In The Pirate Planet, by Douglas Adams and James Goss, the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 encounter the tyrannical Captain of Zanak, whose pillaging of other planets apparently knows no bounds.

In The Christmas Invasion, by Jenny T Colgan, a newly regenerated Tenth Doctor must rely on Rose Tyler to help save Earth from the deadly invading Sycorax.

Anneke Wills, Michael Troughton, Jon Culshaw and Camille Coduri read these thrilling tales, with Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Cybermen.

Duration: 20 hours 20 mins approx.

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