Nathaniel Eliason

Crypto Confidential

Crypto Confidential

Winning and Losing Millions in the New Frontier of Finance



Nat Eliason had six months to make as much money as possible before his first child was born.
So, he turned to where countless others did in 2021: crypto.

Within a year, he'd made millions writing code holding hundreds of millions of dollars of other people's money. He'd been hacked. He'd sold a picture of a monkey for two hundred grand. He'd become an influencer, speaking at conferences, and writing a weekly newsletter to tens of thousands of fans. Best of all, Nat had amassed a small fortune. But how much of this money was even real? And how many times can someone double down before they eventually lose everything?

Crypto Confidential is Nat's unfiltered, insider's account of the hyperactive, hyper-speculative, hyper-addictive, nearly unregulated, completely insane world being built on the blockchain. A story of getting rich, going broke, scamming and getting scammed - and how we can all be more educated participants during the inevitable next bull run.

'A great look from the trenches to understand the good and bad of cryptocurrency from the inside out' Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Inflection AI