Sally Fallon

The Good Fat Diet

The Good Fat Diet

Lose Weight and Feel Great with the Delicious, Science-Based Coconut Diet


Lose weight and feel great with the delicious, science-based coconut diet.

The groundbreaking Good Fat Diet reveals the shocking misconceptions about fat in our diet.

Coconut is the new grapefruit, advocated by health writers such as Amelia Freer, Joe Wicks and Ella Woodward.

Based on more than two decades of research by world-renowned biochemist Dr Mary Enig, The Good Fat Diet flouts conventional wisdom by asserting that so-called 'healthy' vegetable oils are a major cause of obesity, while the saturated fats traditionally considered harmful (such as those found in coconut oil and butter) are, in fact, essential to weight loss and health.

This book with debunk myths about fats, and give you recipes and resources to help you develop a healthy diet - which doesn't depend on deprivation.

Picking up where Atkins left off, this good news diet uses coconut to kickstart a healthy diet, one that will raise metabolism, eliminate cravings and boost energy.

Previously published as Eat Fat, Lose Fat.