Charlie Higson

Worst. Superhero. Ever

Worst. Superhero. Ever


Stan has found himself a starring role as superhero in a popular TV show.

He’s absolutely terrified.

After surviving a holiday to Italy without his parents (which included jellyfish and giant watermelons), Stan reckons he deserves a bit of a break. Or at a least a break in between trying to act in his school play.

But when he’s offered the chance to take a tour around a TV studio, he thinks it can’t do any harm.

How wrong he is.

Before Stan can say ‘Boy of Steel’ he’s landed himself a part as a main character in one of the most well-known TV shows there is – as a brainy superhero.

Convinced he’s going to embarrass himself in front of millions of people – and worried about leaving his friends to face a school play on their own – can Stan find a way to use his new-found fame for good?

Or will he be the Worst. Superhero. Ever . . .

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