Brett Kahr

Sex and the Psyche

Sex and the Psyche

The Truth About Our Most Secret Fantasies


What’s going on in your head when you go to bed?

We talk about sex increasingly openly today, but when it comes to our most private fantasies it’s often a different matter. Here Psychotherapist Brett Kahr examines the little-known world of our sexual imaginations. He has undertaken Britain’s biggest every sex survey, with responses from over 19,000 adults, to explore questions such as:

• Why do people fantasize?

• Can our fantasies ever be damaging or dangerous?

• Should we tell our partners about them?

• Do men and women fantasize differently?

• What do our fantasies tell us about ourselves?

This frank and fascinating account will help you understand for the first time what our unspoken desires and secret thoughts really mean. It is a book for anyone interested in human relationships and what makes us tick, opening up the hidden worlds inside all of us.