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Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble

Other People's Husbands

Other People's Husbands

The emotionally gripping story of friendship, love and betrayal from the author of Love, Iris


The compelling and gripping new novel from the author of Love, Iris and The Family Holiday

'A gorgeous read. Beautifully insightful' JANE FALLON

'A fascinating insight into contemporary coupledom and family politics. A pageturner' DAILY MAIL

'Perfectly observed, a reflection of real life we can all learn from' KATIE FFORDE

'A frank and believable account of friendship and a marriage under stress' ADELE PARKS, SUN


Sometimes friendship crosses a line . . .

A group of close friends, their bonds forged at the nursery gates two decades ago, have celebrated, commiserated and grown together: they thought they all knew each other so well.

Until the affair.

Now a crack appears in everything.

Could one betrayal really destroy it all?


'Rich and riveting . . . A perfect observation of the complexities and pitfalls of long-lasting friendships and their impact on family life' HEIDI SWAIN

'Almost painfully real and thoroughly well-written' SUN

'What a stunning story! I absolutely loved this twisty, intriguing tale of strong, loving relationships that begin to buckle under the strain of real life when emotions run out of control. Evocative and intensely moving' CELIA ANDERSON

'Almost painfully real and thoroughly well-written' FABULOUS


'Elizabeth Noble's unerring eye depicts family life in all its forms, good and bad, in a way we will all recognise' KATIE FFORDE

'A great writer. You'll be rooting for Noble's protagonists as soon as you meet them' DAILY MAIL

'A moving and warm-hearted novel about love in all its forms' SUNDAY EXPRESS

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