Evelyn Cosgrave

Can I Tell You a Secret?

Can I Tell You a Secret?


One hot sticky summer three very different sisters, each with something to hide, descend on their granny . . .

Susan has just broken up with her fiancé, but she isn't exactly telling the full story.

Felicity, elegant and successful, usually spends her brief holidays on top of a mountain or shopping on Fifth Avenue, so how come she's spending so long 'just chilling out'?

And Marianne, carefree and feckless, perennially on the run from boyfriends and jobs, what kind of a mess has she got herself into this time?

Add to the mix an intriguing long-lost cousin, and Angela, their long-suffering granny . . . well, something has to give and when it does the girls' lives will be transformed for ever.

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